Frictional and Conveyor Collector

جمع کن اصطکاکی

جمع کن نقاله ای

The simplest and the cheapest collector machine designed and manufactured by the HSSH engineers is the frictional one. It works with some smart mechanical mechanisms which are activated when the bales are gathered in its frame and dragged from the field.

The performance of this device, and sorting manner of the collected bales are fully mechanical. This particular model can be connected either (1) to various balers (which produce square bales), or (2) tractors, or any other machine, even mini trucks which can move on the field and drag the bales or trail the collector to operate and do the task which has been assigned to it.

This model has only automatic mechanical control system and one cannot operate it manually. The control mechanism works with linkage, spring, and weight, so it does not need any power source like electricity, hydraulic or PTO, from out of the machine. So this model works independently from a driver or operator.

Bales entering the collector, the machine puts them all next to each other, and when its capacity (which in this model is 8 bales) is full, the HAF08 automatically unloads the bales like a big bunch on the field ready for picking up collectively. Unloading the previous bunch, the Machines goes for the fresh bales coming onto the collector to repeat the same job.

As the hay and forage square bales are dragged on the ground, they may get damaged or lose their quality, so it is highly recommended to use it for collecting wheat hay and forage and as such.


Approximate dimensions of bales and the collected package made of 8 bales


A conveyor has been added to the mechanism in the HAC08 model to solve the problem of bale being dragged on the ground, in this way, the necessary frictional energy needed for the device`s performance between the conveyor and square bales is provided by the conveyor. A two-way oil pip is needed to move the conveyor using a hydraulic motor in this model, so it is not possible to use other machines like mini trucks that cannot provide an oil source to trail this specific model of collector.

Remaining Simple (in maintenance and repair) is the advantage of this collector model that solves its "bale dragging" issue. And there is no need for hydraulic valves more than the one which is available in all kinds of tractors.

The conveyor`s and tractor`s speed must be adjusted in a way that conveyor`s speed is more than the device`s speed on the field. It is feasible to collect the bales directly from the ground, without attaching the device to a baler by adding an assembly to it. This feature can be added to the machine if the customer wants it as an option.

Approximate dimensions of HAF08 and HAC08


HAF08 model technical specifications

Weight without bales




Maximum width





HAC08 model technical specifications

Weight without bales




Maximum width




Needed oil pressure

120 to 180 bar

The Maximum Oil Flow Rate

16 Liters per Minute