Chain Collector

Designing and manufacturing this chain collector, the HSSH has introduced the smallest, the densest and the lightest kind of collectors in Iran, in models with the capacity for 8, 10, and 12 bales. There are two different options for farmers for employing this machine in their harvest season: to connect it to various kinds of balers, or to connect it directly to their tractors to collect all the bales on the field.

Based on the need of the customers, the HSSH is able to manufacture these Chain Collectors in Full Automatic or Manual Control models.

A 12 Volt electricity source and a two-way oil pipe in the full automatic model, although if there was no way for the oil source, adding a new hydraulic pump to the crankshaft or the PTO shaft, there would be nothing for the farmers or the operators to worry about.

Using smart electric and hydraulic control, this machine is able to work independently from the driver or operator of the machine. In addition to the full automatic control system, engineers of the HSSH has equipped the machine with a Manual Control Option, so that if there was a problem in the system or anywhere else in the machine, the operator would be able to use the device manually.

In the Full Manual Model of this machine, the Automatic control system is replaced with the Manual Hydraulic Control Valves, so the manual model is able to collect the bales of the field using one operator or the even just the tractor driver himself.

Technical features


600 kg/1322 pounds


380 cm/150 Inches


280 cm/110 Inches


140 cm/55 Inches

The Necessary Oil Pressure

120-180 bar

The Maximum Oil Flow Rate

16 Liters per Minute

Maximum Power

10 Horsepower/ 7.45k Watts



سایز علوفه
bale dimension


ابعاد جمع کن
chain collector dimension


Attach to bailer

Attachment part of chain collector to baller




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