1-      Designing and manufacturing two mechanism assemblies working with an asynchronous motor which benefits a fixed and specified speed, and provides three outputs with 1 hertz of frequency of the following specifications:

  1. Having a phase difference of 90 degrees, the first and second output have two sweep motions, motion range of the first is ±15 deg. and the number for the latter is between -4 and +11

  2. The third movement is a 60-round per minute fixed speed rotation.

  3. All outputs are synchronized in a full mechanical manner.

2-      Designing and manufacturing  mechanical accessories of the structure and the hydraulic elevation circuit for a 10-tone weight, employing a mechanical lock ability in three angels of 0, 20, and 30, and the using modular valves, reducing the speed at the both ends of stroke, and having a full feature redundant circuit

3-      Designing and manufacturing azimuth mechanism for a for 12-tone weight with a servo  motor and driver and slew-bearing, having a separate hydraulic lock tolerating up to 40k newton meters of torque and featuring a position control accuracy of 0.1 degree.

4-      Designing and manufacturing a hydraulic leveling system for a 32tone truck, using proportional hydraulic control valves, with leveling precision of 0.1 deg. done in a full automatic manner.

5-      Designing and manufacturing the structure and control system of an elevation mechanism for a 10-tone load, using screw jacks.

6-      Designing and manufacturing hydraulic jacks to be used in erosive, sea and low temperature environments.

7-      Detail Design and manufacturing a hydraulic circuit for a 2000-tone vessel with 25 actuators.

8-      Designing and manufacturing a flushing system for cleaning 1500 meters (one mile) of pipeline to reach the cleanness level of NAS6.

9-      Designing, manufacturing and installing a few shelter for trucks.

10-   Designing and manufacturing electro-mechanical leveling systems for 17tone trucks.

11-   Designing and manufacturing 1 to 8 tones electro-mechanical jacks and 20 to 100 cm (8 to 40 inch) strokes.

12-   Designing and manufacturing servo-mechanisms of 2 degrees of freedom to compensate the movements of the boat up to 0.2deg precision and payload of 50 kg (110 pound), having the minimum appropriate weight and  suitable for corrosive marine environments.

13-   Designing and manufacturing 3-degree of freedom simulators to simulate heave, roll, and pitch motions of the vessel with a 3RUS-PU parallel mechanism.

14-   Designing and manufacturing 10 towable systems having suspension system, manual leveling system and a two degree of freedom servo-mechanism with the capacity of 700kg (1,500 pound).

15-   Designing and manufacturing 8 gearbox systems with a backlash of better than 0.1 degree and a 12cm (4 inch) diameter hollow shaft.

16-   Programming and setting up a mechanized stacker for one-tone load.

17-   Designing and manufacturing various types of self-support and guyed towers for different jobs as high as 34 meters (40 feet).

18-   Designing and manufacturing 600-tones hydraulic presses.

19-   Design and manufacturing of a puzzle parking prototype.

20-   Designing a Forming H device for straightening H beam after welding.

21-   Designing and manufacturing bale square gathering, loading, and unloading machinery

22-   Designing and manufacturing hydraulic 20-tone power-packs and cylinder, operative in temperature -40 deg. to +55 centigrade deg. It has a reserve pump and a manual supplementary circuit.

23-   Designing and manufacturing 32-tone hydraulic winches with brake power of 100 tones (the main, and brake circuit)

24-   Designing and manufacturing winches with various power capacity to be used in various industries.