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Agriculture, and industries relating to that, directly or indirectly are the biggest business field in our world which includes almost two third of the Earth population. Since the dawn of agriculture as means of survival and feeding the population 12,000 years ago, humankind has been revolutionising and modifying its methods and machinery, improving this job and many nations throughout the world contributed to this evolution which we stand at the current point of its ongoing history. From the very early stages which employed the simplest devices, to the 21st century in which various sciences have put together all their abilities to make agriculture more and more like a big mechanized industry, far different from how it worked at the beginning. Being done manually in the past, most of the jobs are now done using different machines and it has helped the farmers, producers and kept the humanity as far as possible from starving. The HSSH, like thousands of companies all over the world, the veterans or starters, tries to contribute to this evolution. To do so, engineers and workers in the HSSH have been trying to introduce new machines and devices to facilitate harvesting and the related job. For hay and Forage, as an instance, The HSSH products provide a cheaper, faster and more efficient way to collect, load and unload the square bales of hay and forage.

Alfalfa (UK Lucerne) can be harvested more than once a year (at least three times in all regions), and its mechanized plantation, cultivation and harvesting makes it a lucrative business, so farmers with large pieces of land are persuaded to produce alfalfa. It is the same for hay and forage remaining from the harvested wheat. It is the collecting and transportation of square bales made by the baler machines which make the job harder for farmers, producers, and other businesses related to this field, because of the need for more man power, time, cost and energy, which can be spared by mechanizing this process using our products.

Relying on the knowledge and hard work of its engineers, the HSSH designed and produced automatic and mechanized equipment necessary for collecting, loading, unloading, sorting and stacking the square bales of hay and forage, in a mechanized manner, using just two men instead of a big group of people and equipment working hours and hours to do the same job. These newly designed and produced equipment are introduced in two category of Grabber and Collector, each one doing one task of the whole job.

To be specific, when you employ a grabber and a collector designed and produced by the HSSH together, square bales coming out of the baler are dropped on the ground collectively and sorted by the collector attached to the baler, and then using a tractor equipped with front loader and our grabber there would be no burden or worry for loading the bales. It should be mentioned that in this process, with these specific devices, it is vital that someone stands on the truck to help sorting the bales if there are slight space between the bales or they are not sorted impeccably.

And when it comes to unloading, which is usually in the warehouse, a grabber attached to the front loader of tractor comes into action to unload the square bales from the truck into the warehouse.

A simple comparison between the annual costs of harvesting (manually) and the prices of newly introduced devices of the HSSH indicates that the money you pay for them, is fully back into your pocket in one or two season by omiting the expensive hours of work, energy and time for the job which can be done simply using two men in a much faster way.

Using the grabbers and collectors introduced briefly here and in detailed in their own sections, relieves farmers from all the burden, cost and problems of employing man power, and they will be able to collect and load 100 to 160 square bales in almost half an hour, and it facilitates the other jobs like replantation in wheat fields or faster irrigation of alfalfa (AKA lucerne) fields to achieve a much more efficiency. And at the end it should be mentioned that the absence of trucks moving all around the field is one of the factors leading to more soil quality productivity, and it can be achieved using the using devices introduced here.

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